Waves crash.
Wind brushes past.
I am at peace.
At last.
Deep breath, close your eyes.
In and out, I realize…
Noises come and go.
But I can feel my heart beat slow.


And a belief, in beauty.
Tell me what makes you feel happy.
What is it that makes you sad?
Those two things are the key
To not going completely mad.
Or more accurately letting them both go.
Let it go.
Like the waves against the sand let your sadness ebb and flow.
And understand that like the wind you cannot hold happiness in your hand.
only enjoy it as it passes.
In this moment I am happy.
With my family around me.
loud and wild.
And I am glad they’re alive and well.
This is a good moment.
I feel like smiling, So I do
I won’t worry about anything.
I won’t worry about me or you.
Not the future or the past.
I just smile and try and make this moment last.

-Maria Kulikov